Rad “This Is Rad”

gretaclue   2/15/2012   7-inch, A Library

Female fronted hardcore punk from Sacramento. Some dirty words are marked. Very 1990’s Gilman street. I pulled out my Blatz and Filth 45s after listening to this. And then I made a warm cup of General Foods International Coffee and brought up some old memories.. That show.. That bouncer, what was his name? Jon Luc!

Scarcity Of Tanks- Fear Is Conscience

gretaclue   2/8/2012   A Library

Pretty bad-ass post punk that originated with singer Matt Wascovich in Cleveland OH. Wascovich is the only real constant member. This record has members of Necking (Nick Lesley-guitars), Oneida (Kid Millions-drums), The Electric Eels (John Morton-theremin and guitars) Borbetomagus (Jim Sauter-sax), and The Flying Luttenbachers (Weasel Walter-bass). It has the sort of working class midwest noisy punk that reminds me of Guided By Voices but the sound is hard to explain and is, to me, much darker and more improvisational. I can dig it.

Neo Cons – “Neo Cons” – [Deranged]

gretaclue   1/25/2012   7-inch, A Library

According to their bio, this band is “a radical gang of Muslim gay socialist terrorists living a life of sin in godless San Francisco, California.” I don’t know about all that.. They are hardcore punkers for sure. I read they have been compared to New Bomb Turks and Zero Boys.. While i can see a bit of why, Neo Cons are a lot more simple. Thats not to say they aren’t good. If you dig hardcore, no frills, snarly punk rock, These are your boys and girl respectively. It reminded me of being underage and drunk at Gilman St. Good times.

Guilty Pleasures – “Summer Strange”

gretaclue   1/25/2012   A Library, CD

Garage punk 4 piece from Bloomington-Normal, IL.. These guys are pretty bad ass. Formed outside of Chicago in or around 1997, they sadly got lost in the shuffle of the new garage movement (Reatards, Baseball Furies, Black Lips, etc). This 12 track CD has no duds (track 7 is my personal favorite). Its got raw a rock n’ roll garage sound that is good for your ears especially turned up loud. If you have any tail feathers, this record will make you shake ’em.

Black Humor – Love God Love One Another

gretaclue   1/18/2012   12-inch, A Library

Black Humor is the San Francisco based late term abortion of Dan Houser (Good Samaritans) and George Miller. This band was mostly a studio project although they changed their sound a bit and did play some live shows around the time this record first came out (on Fowl Records in 1982). The sound is somewhere between noisy art punk and industrial with a brief lapse into traditional African in “Zebra Killers”. The content of this record is a whole other thing though. The liner notes detail the intentions, more or less, for every song. The record seems to be somewhere between a true outsider’s rant and a social experiment in bad taste. From what I have read, these guys were pretty big weirdos. Dan Houser was always wearing roller skates and hung out with a parrot he had taught to say, “fuck’. This record does not have the most radio friendly lyrics, but it has balls and while not ALL the sounds jive with me, I like this record and I have respect for what these guys where going for. This record is art.

The Onion Dolls – The Kids / Hot Love

gretaclue   1/5/2012   7-inch, A Library

Four piece punkers from Belgium. This was sadly the only offering from this band before they changed their name to “Crossfire” and joined the British new metal fad of the late 70’s – 80’s (think Priest, Maiden, Motorhead). That said, there is the slightest hint of that here, mostly in the guitars, but its very slight. This is pretty straight up catchy, dirty rock n’ roll and it’s a real can shaker. Both tracks rip. This 7″ originally came out in 1980 and it’s got the feeling of that era when punk wasn’t afraid to be pop. The cover says it all.. These guys are a rock n’ roll good time. This single makes me want to get drunk and make out in the back seat of a van. And isn’t that the point of rock n’ roll anyway?