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Family of God – “Exiter ” – [Sugar Free Records]

Thurston Hunger   10/1/2005   A Library, CD

Adam Peters & Chris Brick are the Family of God,
but aren’t we all. Imagine Genesis P. Orridge
without the police raids…or Underworld with
a hilarious haircut…now slap down some
disgustingly catchy disco retro-beats, add the
sort of humour that sneers (don’t forget the
British accent) now you’re getting it…at
the center….of the dull…smack dab in NY city.
To me the music is even funnier than the
lyrics (which are generally delivered in a
deadpan sermon-on-dexederine-on-the-mount style)
Like a mad messiah making tapes late at night,
Pet Chop Boys, anyone?


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