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Dessen, Michael Trio – “Forget The Pixel” – [Clean Feed]

Thurston Hunger   6/20/2012   CD, Jazz

Dessen is a trombone player out of Irvine, he’s in Cosmo-logic which KFJC has played in the past. Here, he is the sole horn with some super spy moves on upright bass from Christopher Tordini, and pensive percussion from Dan Weiss. Tordini’s bass work, is sure and steady, like a snake tracking prey. It circles around a lot, especially on the title cut, but the closer too has a sort of ouroboros melody. Weiss’ drums suit it perfectly, arid and crisp, check out his intro on “And We Steal…” and half-way through the closer where they almost vanish. His solos are not pyrotech, but exercises in subtlety. Dessen himself may forget the Pixel but goes not forego electronics. He uses them to percolate the excellent lead off track, let’s them play alien reindeer games on a piece dedicated to Lisle Ellis and on that closer delivers a sort of Backbone/Tohir or Spaceheads watercolor whirl. Super mellow melodies mixed with articulate art.

-Thurston Hunger


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