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Morgan, Neal – “In The Yard” – [Self-release]

Thurston Hunger   6/6/2012   A Library, CD

If Bongo Joe and John Davis had a kid, and it rested in a manger
made out of Karl Blau’s Bass Drum? The recipe here is simple :
one drummer three times or three drummers one time, laying down
pretty urgent percussion tracks. And then Morgan’s bleary insight,
spoken with a wide-eyed post-lucid dream poem reading style
(reference the back cover for how he looks at that point maybe?
Sleeping in a hood and down jacket with his headphones on, so he’s
not too comfortable, but the words come out smooth belieing his more
irritated condition. In addition there are all these falsetto
doo wop angels, flapping their wings and gums like Meredith
Monk’s illegitimate triplets. Well I really liked this and gave
it to another DJ to review, telling him I was worried that only I
would like it.?? He returned it without a word, months later. And
asked to stop doing reviews for awhile. Well I still dig this, and
I think listened to a track at a time on the radio, as opposed to
in its entirety, is going to grab a few other ear lobes.
3W: Bedroom Boom Boxtop


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