Susumu Yokota “Symbol” [Lo Recordings]

Hunter Gatherer   9/5/2005   A Library, CD

Susumu Yokota is in ambient, electronica mode more than house mode in this 4/2005 release called Symbol, his 25th.

In this vibrant and beautiful album, he is creating electronic music and using the entire field of classical music as a sort of music whole cloth to cut from and stitch into his compositions. Sometimes the themes are buried in the music; other times it is holding the piece together.

‘I’m sure I missed at least half of the themes, but I was able to pick out Saint Saens, Beethoven, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, and Debussy. This filled me with anxiety because it reminded me of a music appreciation class that was my first ‘B? in college. Stupid, damn electives.

The beautiful female voice heard on some tracks in Meredith Monk. I had to find this out on the web. It wasn’t on the CD packaging.

This is the kind of music that you put on in the background, and when the CD has ended you’ve forgotten what you were doing and you’re sitting down transfixed.
–Hunter Gatherer


Cujo says

What references my ears detected:
OK, all sorts of music on all sorts of tracks. But really, what my ears detected that made me excited enough to come post here was a snippet from Danny Elfman's Nightmare Before Christmas on track 3!!!


Hunter Gatherer says

That's what that was. It was driving me crazy.


david says

Thanks for the kind words from the WMF. We have recorded 10 CDs in the last 2.5 years would be happy to send more along. How do we get our most recent to you?


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