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Jolthrower – “Jolthrower II” – [Love Earth Music]

Laethaka   5/1/2012   A Library, CD

Nine very live, very spotty tracks from Sacramento Love Earther. Whole lots of noise but cut up with long pauses and wildly varying sound levels to totally fuck up people who didn’t read this.

#1 and #7 are pretty much what they say they are, so mosey on down to your friendly neighborhood memorial soundtrack show (#7 has a SPLENDID crowd yell at the start that was my favorite part of the album). #2 is a lot of kickass grinding static and feedback that starts and stops until -3:05. #3 and #4 pause a lot- recommend superimposing on something else- mostly piercing probes and slices. #5 gets started around -6:40 and is a groaning soundscape that ends around -0:40. #6 is a burbling stuttering rusted engine that starts at -5:30 and stops at -0:15 with a pause or two. #8 has a bit (a very feeble bit) of a beat but pauses a lot, so yeah superimpose at will. #9 brings together all the buzzes, slices, and stabs into something that has a rudimentary structure. Like an open soda can you spat in and left in the sun a week.


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