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Owwl – “Dark Places” – [Utech Records]

Laethaka   3/14/2012   A Library, CD

Over an hour of “minimally shifting walls of drone, oppressive and entrancing like stars in a forlorn place” from Germany 2011. All titles are coords:

#1 is the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest, Romania and is the lightest sounding. You take a stroll down a beautiful art gallery of abstract art that would take a lifetime to comprehend.

#2 is some spot up in the mountains in Chile. Lots of thick, swaying harmonium. You watch the waves on the western coast at a cool, cloudy sunset.

#3 is the site of the Tunguska event in Siberia in 1908, a massive meteoroid impact of energy that about equaled Castle Bravo. The crater is now a swamp/lake and the song very ominous– how long until the next asteroid impact & will it also place so fortuitously??

#4 is some street corner in Cancun, who knows why. The noise moves from slightly piercing to engulfing swells over a very long time. I’m almost totally ignorant about urban Mexico so DIY imagery.

#5 is a little Greek village called Ammoudia that sure looks nice on Google Maps. Song is very quiet and slowly builds into deathly menace. You spend your life savings to go somewhere that looked nice on Google Maps but it turned out to be just another dirty backwater, and you lose all faith in technology and human progress.

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Max Level says

Nice review. Thanks for taking the time to look up all those geographical coordinates for us.


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