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Hiroshima Rocks Around / Bipolar Bear [coll] – [kill shaman]

abacus   1/23/2012   12-inch, A Library

Kill Shaman Records teamed up No=Fi Recordings out of Rome for this split release featuring two bands of the angular post-punk variety (with members that run each label). Hiroshima Rocks Around,??who describe themselves as shoegaze thrash, hit you with some raucous and abrasive garage grit like chewing broken glass. Screeching guitar, brutal drums and all sorts of maniacal distorted derangement, not to mention some tasty sax skronk on 3,4. Bipolar Bear??slows it down a bit for some slightly cleaner yet still jilted, post-rock sounding stuff with a dash of psych. Blankets of reverb encase the vox and guitar but still maintain a solid percussive feel with kinetic bass lines dominating.

PGM: All short tracks (2-3 mins) with short segues FCC on HRA trk 2


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