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Starlicker – “Double Demon” – [Delmark]

Train Wreck   12/13/2011   CD, Jazz

Starlicker is three guys from the “Exploding Star Orchestra” who decided they wanted to be in a side project together.The beauty of these three is that there is no true bass instrument.The driving force is the rhythm of the drums instead of the constant scales of a bass.Rob Masurek (Cornet), who decided to get Jason Adasiewicz (Vibraphone) and John Herndon (Drums) together, wrote all the music for the album in only a day and a half.Listening to this is a little awkward early on with the lack of bass but they ease you into liking it quickly.By the end you start to wonder why there isn’t more jazz out there like this.The last track, 6, jumps out at you with this crazy and freakishly fast drum and vibraphone duet from left field.


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