Abunda Bida – “Politics and Sex” – [Cochon Records]

Grizzly Adam   11/30/2011   12-inch, A Library

A jalopy of classic technique from early cut and paste mixtapes, fly boy beats, not hardfast dancefloor pound, building up atmosphere via Idm, the disco successor the house dance party, real bass ‘n’ funk, charming goofy aerobics, and seeing musical stars, indebted to James Brown, Stanley Clarke, Gov. Schwarzenegger, soundbites and tidbits; dirty breathing and muhs, guns, tribalism, echo voice, a thrash rock and dance track and that’s just the A side. B side, filled with language, and moans all over, intersecting with horns and tire squeals, doesn’t start that way. Namlook ambience, birds, water and a paradise of keys, rustling walking, and string chorus A or E drone, fragment poetry, slowly plays with introducing lounge beats and asia instrumentation, a tutu e ta voots oaisis, then turns contradictorily ambiguously sleazy and hateful, puddles and exploring the operatic registers, and a surf favorite. Lastly there are flow distinctions, but no real hard track gaps.
A1_5:00 A2_7:00 A3_5:30 B1_8:00 B2_6:40 B3_2:00 B4_6:30
-Eveningly Infinitely Wipes Scrub Sonny Atoms Grizzly Adam

Language B2 fucking, B3 cunt cock


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