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KFJC Battle of The Surf Bands Vol 5 [coll] – [KFJC]

Train Wreck   11/21/2011   A Library, CD

Sixteen surf bands playing live at the British Bankers Club in Menlo Park for KFJC. This CD/DVD collection is two completely different sets of music on each medium. What tracks are on the CD are not on the DVD. I was expecting the DVD to just be a visual aid to the same songs on the CD. I was pleasantly surprised. All tracks are instrumental surf as to be expected. Every band came in with the standard Guitar, Bass, Drum set up with two adding Piano and one adding sax. Fast and loud is the way to go with surf and no one disappoints during their set. Each band kept the rooms attention and lead to a great atmosphere. Sadly live recordings can???t capture the room. VIVA SURF!

This was “The Eldorados” farewell show so give them some love.

Train Wreck


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