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Brain Fruit – “1.1” – [Debacle Records]

Train Wreck   11/15/2011   A Library, CD

Brain Fruit is Christopher Owen Davis on Monomachine, Nord Modular G2, Super Bass Station and Jonathan James Carr on Korg Mono/Poly, Machinedrum, Schlagzwerge, Ebbe and Flut, Eventide Harmonizer H949. This is the debut album from two Seattle dudes. Chris studied electronic music and Jon is a classically trained pianist who “Make whatever music makes them happy.” Album was recorded and mixed live with no overdubs.

Every song is laid back with just enough of a tempo to keep you interested. 1.1 has strong drum beats, otherwise most tracks are dronish. The whole album made me feel like I was playing a FPS video game. Props for that. Play this if you want to live.

Train Wreak


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