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Bloodloss – “Truth Is Marching In 1983-1991, The” – [Aberrant Records]

Thurston Hunger   8/28/2011   A Library, CD


Devoted double-disk to Australian incarnations of Bloodloss.
Sax-spiked, stuttery rock on the first CD. Reluctant male
vocals are chock full of character, and in the case of
“Beautiful Feeling” the singer gets tazered to insert more
syllables. Insistent insanity abounds, especially on “Groin
Grocer” with yodelicious vox. Lot’s of solid gut-bucket
tweaky rock, but with a title nod to their Albert Ayler
cover, you know these guys are in the KFJC love boat. The
second disk cops some Suicide, and features Sharon
Weatherill on vox. She’s got a voice that is weary, but
not weak, her huskiness amplified by excesses of reverb.
Renestair EJ is quite an interesting guitarist, stuff
here for the inner and outer ear. Has a catchiness that
triggered my Numbers band reflex. If you dig this music
as much as I did, spend the time to read the liner notes.
Top notch work here.

-Thurston Hunger


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