Atomic Platters disc 1 [coll] – [Bear Family Records]

loun   3/13/2011   A Library, CD

Bear Family Records, German compiler of a massive arrray of classic American music, brings us this bombshell box set. With 5 CDs, a DVD, and enormous, full color plate, hard covered liner notes, there is a cornucopia of memorabilia from that brief, beautiful time when the world first woke up and had the sense to be terrified of itself. There are fun and funky tracks aplenty, including male and female versions of ???Thirteen Girls??? and other ???atomic sex??? songs, but it is the inclusion of truly representative material: CONELRAD tests, civil defense PSAs from big-name celebrities, and educational/ propaganda pieces, that really make this collection stand out. You can get a real taste of the age listening to and watching these period pieces ??? a little bit of red scare and a lot of nuclear terror. There’s even an extensive interview with the creator of ???Bert the Turtle??? in the book. Flip this lid, then flip yours, Jack!

3WR: Rock the shelter.


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