Peaches – “I Feel Cream” – [Xl Recordings/Beggars Grp]

Belladonna   1/5/2011   A Library, CD

another electroclashy, sassy, sexy, punky, beat-y release from the sassy lass with class. This is a more mature side of Peaches even if it still seems like all she sings about is sex and relationships. More fame means better production and new producers/collaborators and it’s all for the best. Definitely on the lady power side of things, its naughty, its girlie, it will make you want to drink 10 shots of Jack Daniels, make out with 10 guys/girls at the club and wake up wearing nothing but gold sequined hot pants, yeah it’s like that. Guys want to f&*k her and girls want to be her (isn’t this usually the case?). This is what you will want to listen to when nursing that broken heart.


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