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Flesh World – “Wild Animals In My Life, The” – [Iron Lung Records]

whngr   8/11/2021   12-inch, A Library

Sweet and somber sounds both emotive and indifferent in 4/4.

Depressive (reverb, down to mid-tempo, perspective/lyrical themes) 

Post (reverb, song duration)

Punk (Downstrokes, Distortion)

Local (to San Francisco… at least they were in 2017)

Queer (like most of the local talent they were probably evicted)

Rock (they did, they might again… if you put them on the radio)

Shoegaze (reverb)

Favorite tracks: Poolside Boys (B5), Strawberry Bomber (B6), Here In The Dark (B8)

We may already possess the lion’s share of Flesh World releases but they may have become too recognizable for kfjc to add “The Wild Animals In My Life” to our “underground” library when it was released in 2015 perhaps due to the attention they received by mainstream “hip” “subculture” media outlets. Perhaps we turned our backs on them like their soulless landlords did, maybe Greta Clue left for warmer climes, or could it be that we lost touch with the marginalized youth of our rapidly changing Bay Area? Got old, got lazy, sick, tired, cripled, jaded, and comfortable. I know I did… but I’m not giving up. Not like you. So put the record down and grab a fist full of thumbdrives, let the algorithm do it for you, give ‘er the ol’ “random play” and see how little your tastes have changed in the  the last 40 years ya fuckin’ codger. 

One can read fairly extensively online about Flesh World’s motivation, line-up, and perspective but what one can’t find out is whether they still exist. Do so and you might, like I did, discover that they are queer (a fact which eluded me, lummox that I am. An online article even stated, “…you’d have to be pretty dense not to get where they’re coming from”). That’s cool. It doesn’t matter much to me how an artist might get their kicks (though I am a huge fan of consent) but I recognize (more so in recent years) that being queer informs a slew of aspects around creative output… and I know that my favorite artists tend not to be that “well adjusted” so how you identify is fine with me. Just know that I think it is important that you hurt. Temper your art against the anvil of suffering. Do it again. Get strange. Get dark. Get relevant. And if at all possible stay… in the (once far more queer) Bay Area. Do it for me, do it for the art, and do it, if for no other reason, than to piss off your landlord.

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