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Boy Dirt Car – “Familia”- [After Music Recordings]

whngr   3/8/2021   12-inch, A Library

 Fractured Dada with Resonance.
Mid weight noise, subverted rock, confrontational tirade, drone, monkey screeches, feedback and malevolent psychedelia. Defies description but could potentially be an aural analog of the brown acid of upstate New York circa 1969.
While preparing this album for our MP3 database I found that I was having a hell of a time finding any delineation between tracks, listening repeatedly until I felt a lurch and madness began to creep through my mind in the shape of a fractal of oxidizing steel leaning in to the sky on a cold winter’s afternoon. Exploring the hive mind I discovered track lengths from multiple sources, none of which corresponded with my increasingly worrisome recording. I searched harder and decided the speed must have been wrong on my turntable so cutting corners I began to stretch the track lengths warping the sound but it still wasn’t quite matching up with Spitify. I decided to pan my recording all the way to the left and listen to it on brandcamp to see where they diverged but still they only seemed to be in sync momentarily before I became lost in the echoing swarm of voices and irregular percussion. I panned all the way to the right but the only thing I could truly discern was that I was no longer tethered to my faculties as I felt reality become diaphanous and I slipped further into my confusion. I began to hear something or someone breaking into our house or perhaps raccoons had penetrated the walls… I threw down the headphones. What was that sound? I descended the stairs while surrounded by an unfamiliar noise, lunacy, and an unremitting need to discover the source. I threw open the front door and was met by an impromptu storm; huge globs of water striking the earth and the awnings accompanied by moderate wind and the return to my senses. Back in my room I decided to take a new tack. What could the record tell me visually? I found that where I had intuited the end of the tracks and the beginning of the next were totally in line with a minor interruption in the grooves and that the track titles did not correspond with the streaming sites online; this album was not the same as the one online. Clarity and insight followed, I had something analog and different from what was readily available to the masses and it was a puzzle, one that had pushed me into the gaping maw of madness before being solved partly due to an atmospheric shift and a seemingly random coincidence of procyonic sounding reverberations and upon reflection; this was an appropriate introduction to Boy Dirt Car, one the group I’m sure, would appreciate.
Formed in Chicago in 1981 by Darren Brown and Eric Lunde. They were soon joined by Keith Brammer and Dan Kubinski of Die Kreuzen,  building an avid and devoted following before crumbling in 1989. They were rebuilt sans E. Lunde in 2001.

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