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Ferg Ferg & London, Robert – “Se Qui” – [Self Release]

whngr   3/2/2021   A Library, CD

Perhaps the strangest piece of smoldering horse-shit genius I have had the fortune to review since joining the station. Dispose of the confines of genre, dispense with sensical tuning or established structural norms. Reason and logic have no place in the world of Robert London and Ferg Ferg. Vague allusions to the recognition and worship of a Christian god and what appears to be fairly traditional instrumentation, albeit with a considerable amount of reverb (and many likely synthesized), are the only thing I warrant you will find familiar. I’m pretty sure there is a drum kit and an electric bass and I imagine that these two marvels will simply mic the room and switch instruments when the whim takes them to improvise. Attempting to upend what music is fundamentally to remarkable effect. This is an album that utilizes an astonishing level of creativity while ignoring almost all other attributes of sound that one might find meritorious. This is outsider art to its core, with a hint of mental illness, and isolation, perhaps cloistered in the chapel band room… shades of Henry Darger though slightly less secular. Bongos, bass guitar, synthesizer perversion, mostly off pitch vocals, Jaw-harp/reverb-majoris, organ, some shuffling meters and distorted R&B elements, a considerable amount of panning and other effects in post, didgeridoo, in-the-red harmonica, harp, cabasa, muddy abstractions and other items one might find in a box in the back of a church’s band room, Ie: rain-sticks, shakers, tambourines and the like. Se Qui sounds to me like something that was recorded in the day, with the sun at its zenith, a brilliant white light streaming in through windows. Diurnal and disturbed. A unique, hand drawn pencil on photocopy paper and the sharpie enblazened cdr lends credibility to my theory of sequestration in a church… they probably employed those tiny pencils without erasers that are often found in the pews for marking your King James up or noting your donation or for whatever they were intended. To be honest I don’t know what they’re for but in some ways they are an excellent symbolic representation for this album; you can be creative with them, but probably shouldn’t, instead waiting until you have proper equipment and vision. Inspired by something deeper than the monotony of Sunday worship.If you have no idea where to begin (absolutely appropriate) might I suggest tracks 3 & 9, Ichabod and Puissant respectively? And be baptized in sound knowing that you’ll never be able to unhear these modern psalms.

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