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Blaq Mummy – “Live Live Live Live” – [Self -released]

ophelia necro   6/22/2010   A Library, CD

Blaq Mummy is a quintet out of the Czech Republic. Tracks 2, 4-9 were recorded at a memorial concert for Lux Interior of the Cramps on February 28th, 2009 @ the Rock Cafe. Tracks 1 & 3 were recorded on December 12th of 2007 @ Klub Vagon. The line up is; Reverend Feedback – vocals, theremin, feedback noise machines; Hana Dead Bride – vocals, moves & grooves; Mark T. – guitar; Baron von Boom – drums; and Sane NonJerk – bass
Elements of Psychobilly with some experimental weirdness. They wear really amazing costumes, you should check them out on my space.


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