San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra (SFCCO) – “Restless Dreams” – [Kfjc]

Cousin Mary   6/2/2010   A Library, CD

SFCCO is a chamber ensemble of musicians who perform their own compositions at concerts a few times per year. Founded in 2002, made up of very innovative and talented composers who are also extremely accomplished musicians, this orchestra is unique not only in this country but probably in the world. Their performances are all new music as was this June 13, 2009 event that was recorded and produced by the KFJC music department. These pieces have an original sound and are lovely to hear, even without this background information.

PGM: Music tracks are preceded by an spoken introduction and can be played together. On CD2, tracks 1-3 and tracks 6-12 could be played together. On 2-14-2010, 4 members of the orchestra visited KFJC for an interview at 8am.


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