Naked Future, The – “Gigantomachia” – [Esp-Disk]

Max Level   11/3/2009   CD, Jazz

An exciting and intense version of jazz. Storm and then calm and then another storm, then a heavier storm, maybe some more calm… entirely improvised. Pianist Thollem McDonas is crazy and good, leaping up and down the keyboard, never out of ideas–I particularly like to hear him crushing the music with his dense blocks of sound. Arrington de Dionyso’s clarinets offer guttural sounds, repeating phrases, and pained screeching. Drummer John Niekrasz seems pretty inventive, gently prodding or banging away for all he’s worth, depending. Bassist Gregg Skloff saws at his upright, usually scraping out distorted noises that are probably actual notes, but it’s hard to tell sometimes. Anyway, these dudes whip up some of the most incredible musical frenzies I’ve heard in a long time. Simply put, this CD kicks major ass.


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