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Wild Gunmen – “End Ov The World” – [Mad Monk]

cinder   6/19/2009   A Library, CD

I think this group is outta Cincinatti, Ohio. “Chaotic wastoid jams, cacaphonous raging, and crude acoustic punk ditties”. That sums it up pretty well. Male and female vocals, from dead-pan delivery to forced screams. Even a banjo and train whistle tossed in for good measure. Some sound like random live recordings, or they just decided to go with one take no matter how much they fucked up. Lots of low feedbacks that make your eardrums rattle. It’s like they all took a bunch of drugs and thought that they were making beautiful music together, but they’re really all in their own world…. forgetting to turn on their mics, not tuned, plugging in their amps at random times, zombie singing, ha!


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