Wendy and Bonnie – GENESIS

Jack Diamond   1/15/2009   A Library

In 1967-68, sisters Wendy and Bonnie Flower, ages 17 and 13 respectively, wrote 10 songs and were turned onto producer-jazz vibeist Gary McFarland, who was part owner of the SKYE Record label, which was primarily a jazz label.?? The sisters GENESIS LP, was essentially SKYE’s only “rock” produced LP.

The music that lies herein this double CD package from Bob Irwin’s SUNDAZED label are the complete and total works created by Wendy and Bonnie, less 3 tracks that Irwin and the sisters decided were not to be included but do include most of the demos and live recordings since their elementary school days.

It ab-so-lute-ly astounds me that such young girls could come up with such poignant lyrics and melodies to create 1 of the world’s greatest and relatively unknown pop-psych/folksy-psych/dreamy-pop-psych LP’s to this very day.?? It is without fail, perfect in all regards.

Irwin Chusid, who is the primary producer of this CD reissue, as well as the original CD Reissue of GENESIS, also on SUNDAZED from the early part of this new century of ours also produced the works of other legends including Esquivel, Raymond Scott, Ernie Kovacs and The Langley Schools Music Project.


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