Pino, Mark & Hertz, Jack – “Live At The Luggage Store” – Naysayer

Naysayer   6/25/2018   A Library, CD

Mark Pino and Jack Hertz are familiar members of the Bay area improvisational, experimental, electronic music scene as well as good friends of KFJC. They both perform solo and with so many other musicians too numerous to mention. Hertz is electronics and Pino is usually percussion. Both are stellar, accomplished musicians that I have huge respect for. Oddly, they had never collaborated together as a duo so it was bound to happen. “Live At The Luggage Store” is their first CD of their first live performance together and it is astounding. When they performed 2 extended sets Live In The Pit at KFJC, I was struck by how comfortable they were with each other, easily playing off of, around and with each other’s music. This recording captures that ease and assuredness. Pino is percussion light on this recording, making subtle marks of sound which accentuate and penetrate the electronic sound field. His inclusion of flutes plus electronics adds to the shamanistic drone quality of the experience. But really listen for the waterphone, a strange and beautiful instrument which Mark uses to pull out nuanced subtle drone-like patterns as well as haunting reverberations laying down the field of “sonic magic”. Hertz is a master of electronics and on this recording he includes apps and looping. The electronic sound collage never dominates or interferes with all that is going on but adds to and focuses the layers. His electronic explorations may at times burst out, but never overwhelm. Rather they are an emphasis. The lulling, wavering patterns that flow and float through the set keep the listener guessing with a smile. Just stellar sounds.


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