Dead C, The – “Relax Fallujah – Hell Has Come ” – [Ba Da Bing]

loun   10/7/2008   7-inch, A Library

The Dead C break out a pair of almost unheard recordings of much heard Bush-era songs and re-release them for the Bush era. Surprisingly, the songs were almost as relevant when they were recorded in front of a building as they are today, when they should be played loudly from the tops of them. The unbridled anger and frustration over being unwillingly part of a military action which only enriches a few while impoverishing a million is a bullet which hits its target head on from a range of 20 years. A fitting addition for the 30rth anniversary of the KFJC punk revolution and a satisfyingly painful reminder that great rock is timeless.

Note: side B ends about :10 before the end of the groove.


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