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Bren’t Lewiis Ensemble – “Casino Sordide” – [BUFMS]

lexi glass   10/31/2017   A Library, CD

casino sordide

Lucian Tielans and Gnarlos (Seymour Glass from Bananafish) and their many collaborators are the Bren’t Lewiis Ensemble. Founded in rural Norcal in the 80s, BLE released a handful of cassettes under the freak flag of the Butte County Free Music Society. After a “brief” 20+ year hiatus, the group reunited in 2009 and began playing shows and putting out new material once again. This 2016 CD collects new work as well as tracks from the first of those 80s tapes, 1984’s Make It Stop (T9 – so good and T12).

The all-star lineup includes Tom Timpson, The City Councilman, Lindy Lettuce, Limphoma, Babuna Virus, Lily McBilly, Fuzzy and Mr. Dolphin, who contribute to improvised works made with detuned stringed instruments, various household objects (zippers, pushpins, cat toys, one of those giant exercise balls, etc) and god knows what else. At first, the sounds roam alone and freely, scraping by on dry land or slithering in primordial slime (or is it aloe vera gel? – T6), but through chance meeting they self-assemble into primitive songs (T9, T13, T15). Interspersed throughout are tape collage interludes, with found sounds from shitty self-help cassettes, televangelist sermons, public access interview shows spliced and rearranged for maximum yuks (T1, T10, T17). Much more musical spasticity from these local legends can be found in our library, including 2016’s Cavoli Riscaldati and Occupy Infantry, that together with this release form an “interconnected trilogy”/sordid sandwich.

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