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Absenta – “Eel” – [Necromance]

Rat King   2/1/2017   A Library, CD

Eco Emo Eelo

Eeltis the second release from Spanish loud kids Absenta, released in early 2016. Absenta (unfortunately) describe Eel as “Post Black ‘n’ Roll Metal”. I was ready to cringe, but their apparent desire to let nature rise up and destroy mankind and retake the earth and seas was very compelling- this album is primarily concerned with the seas. Absenta’s brand of metal is a bit strange: the songs are written in English, but delivered in resonant growls and gruff singing and emphasised in a way that makes it difficult to understand the words- there are lyrics in the booklet. Eel is also a bit cleaner and more traditionally-mixed than most black metal, so it sounds sleek and a little creepy. The whole album sounds sort of like the soundtrack to an eel swimming through dark water, which is just fine with me. Drumming is sometimes rock, sometimes blast-beat, and sometimes a little martial. Synths are weird at times, particularly on the first track. There are also guitars, which go through various flavours of metal and rock. The overall impression is one of strange black metal, with a vague sense of worship but no references to Satan.

‘Burying Another Part Of Our Soul’ (track 2) is my favourite, largely due to the vocals, but ‘Eel’ (tr. 5) gets points for being about mutant eels taking their revenge for a human dam that disrupted their mating practices (“Clog all their pipes! Kill ’em all!”).

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