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Guru Guru – “Guru Guru ” – [Brain]

Jawbone   10/31/2007   A Library, CD

By my count, this is the seventh release of the three nutty Germans who called themselves Guru Guru. Released in 1973, it finds them tight and in top form musically, but running out of ideas and focus. The two shorter tracks, “Samantha’s Rabbit” and “Woman Drum” are fun and quirky. The two longer songs that finish the disc, “Der Elektrolurch” and “The Story of Life” are sufficiently psychedelic, if not affected and dated, but the longest track “Medley” is a mess of disjointed, chopped up, rehashed fifties rock and roll and disappointing originals.

An interesting time capsule into one of the rockier, less proggy Krautrock bands of the early seventies.



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