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MV & EE With The Bummer Road – “Mother of Thousands ” – [Time-Lag]

Daryl Licht   10/26/2007   12-inch, A Library

I???ve got to admit that I think that a) the whole MV/EE thing is way overhyped and b) they were better when acting as part of a greater whole in the Tower Recordings. So, I???ll admit that I was skeptical about this new double LP release from MV, EE, and The Bummer Road on Time Lag that has been getting lots of hype as being their best work to date. Reluctantly, I???ve got to admit that it is. There are several tracks of fairly pleasing acid folk, most notably, ???Sunshine Girl??? and ???Canned Heat Blues???. That being stated, however, about 50% of the material here is still only semi-competant basement ramble that, quite frankly, is no better than the hundreds of hours of tapes that I have of me and my friends jamming, so I could hardly call this release an unqualified winner. If you???re really into the whole acid folk, basement psych, drone raga scene, then you probably want this. If not, well…you???ve been warned. A keeper, but barely, in my humble opinion. DL


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