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Tucker, Alexander – “Furrowed Brow ” – [Atp]

Daryl Licht   10/25/2007   A Library, CD

This is the third solo release from musician and cool visual artist, as well, Alexander Tucker. The A-Side is simply stunning, containing some tracks that are pretty straightforward, rich and resonant acid-folk and others that mix in electric leads and electro-drones to mesmerizing effect. The B-Side is dominated by somewhat less successful material of a more experimental nature (although there is one more fine acid-folk track), that combines various loops, drones, and even (on the final track) thick, powerful, distorto-bass. A big improvement upon his, ???Old Fog???, release from 2005 and a solid, if a bit uneven at times, entry into the very crowded solo outsider acid-folk/psych field.


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