Marquis De Portago, The – “Story of Racing’s Most Colorful Driver, The” – [Riverside]

Naysayer   7/27/2016   CD, Comedy

A toast to the time when white European wealthy aristocrats concerned themselves with such endeavors as raising horses for polo, flying fast planes, hunting, gambling, womanizing, buying chateaus, driving fast cars. This unique piece is about The Marquis de Portago, one of those wealthy aristocrats, and is told through interviews and in The Marquis’ own words. The comfortable arrogance with which these men speak is nostalgic of those times that some folks think we should go back to. Between cigarettes and bourbon, the talk is of fast cars, powerful engines, dinners with the heads of Italian car companies, racing the European circuit, women, the honor of driving, a love of their fellow male car driver, death and winning. The Marquis de Portago’s voice is sensual, assured, sliding from one sound the next. He is comfortable with himself.
Oh, he dies in the end. Great for mixing.


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