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Voice of The Seven Woods – “Voice of The Seven Woods ” – [finders keepers]

ArtCrimes   9/11/2007   A Library, CD


Alternating between acoustic, mideastern flavored pickathons on acoustic guitar or oud, and flaming electric freakouts with backwards drumming, this is something of an update of the British folk sound of the 60s, when guitarists like Davy Graham and John Renbourn were using DADGAD tuning and picking up melodic ideas from Morocco or India, with exotic percussion used to provide color and propulsion on some of the tracks. A difference here is that Rick Tomlinson, the main instigator of Voice of the Seven Woods and a pretty skilled guitarist, is also excited enough by Led Zeppelin that he spends most of track 5 trying to recreate the closing moments of ???Stairway to Heaven???, not caring a whit that such an enterprise might be considered as either sacrilege or a terribly sad waste of time, depending on who you asked. All tracks are instrumentals except #4.


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