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Barnett, Alex – “Chew From The Mind” – [Midwich Productions]

Kai Sync   5/8/2016   12-inch, A Library



The experimental electronic musician Alex Barnett’s album is minimalist beat music with cinematic aspirations. Barnett is from Chicago and Midwich is a label specializing in releasing midwest underground electronica artists. Barnett’s background is dark ambience and drone noise. However, this album is more introspective but uplifting cinema electronica; according to him the focus for this album was the themes of consciousness. It’s about machine personalities, functions and malfunctions of the mind, painted as sonic material. The material is spacious, no need for millions of autocorrected MIDI notes. The drum machines slap, hack and twack in multidimensional directions. No pattern is holy. There’s a haunted and surreal feeling about this album. It might even be used for low budget sci-fi or horror projects. Some industrial techno even crawls into the mix. Perfect for late night radio spots.


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