Phillips, Dave – “homo animalis” – [Schimpfluch]

Louie Caliente   4/10/2016   A Library, CD

homo animalis is a treatise on “humanimism”, a theory who’s preferred form of communication is sound, capable of “activating primordial shared emotions otherwise stifled by civilised experience and restricted by social consensus”.

This is some dark shit. Low rumbles, creaks, and scrapes mix with whispers, growls, gasps, and haunted screams. Slowly building and fading, floating in an ocean of suffering and fear.

The liner notes contain a manifesto of humanimism, a blend of deep ecology, anarcho-primitivism, communism, self-inquiry, and self-doubt.

It’s like being a small rodent, focused on survival in a world of predators and prey, shivering through yet another cold, wet, windy, and fear-filled night, when suddenly, at long last, the suffering finally — and unexpectedly — stops.


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