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Aunt Dracula – “Bum Hands” – [Popsicle Pears]

Kai Sync   3/23/2016   A Library, CD



Aunt Dracula is the moniker of the Philadelphia Artist Scott Daly so this is a one-man band record. This 2016 album is trippy and sloppy alternative post-psychedelica with some alternative beating Sonic Youth style rock kicking in from time to time. You could even hear in some tracks the inclinations of someone writing pop tunes. The untrained vocals are drenched in reverb and hidden in the mix so that you really don’t know what he’s singing about. The music is personal, you can’t shoehorn it into a specific genre or style. There’s something charming about someone just playing odd and personal music without worrying about keeping the tempo on the drums and other instruments, or how the final arrangements work with all the ad hoc layering and ex tempore studio effects and stream-of consciousness lyrics.


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