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Fucked Up – “Year of The Pig EP ” – [What’s Your Rupture]

cujo   6/17/2007   A Library, CD

Truly, not as fucked up as I expected.

Though on a new label (What’s Your Rupture?), FU continues to release albums 2 songs at a time.

The 18-minute title track, a twisted punk waltz, is the meat of the release. A girly doll voice alternates with lead singer’s throaty warble for dominance of a gentle 6/8 waltz. The 6/8 signature gives them the standard room to play with hemiolas (cross-rhythms, for those of you who skipped music appreciation in high school). the singer wants so badly to have one of those soulless hardcore rasps but is really too chained to the melody to succeed at fully alienating. The juxtaposition of innocent female & corrupting male vox builds to a frenzy, where the tension is ratcheted by diminution (two- or more-fold reduction in speed, for those of you who skipped music appreciation in high school; a favorite technique of Brahms and Philip Glass). From the slowdown they close out the last half mostly instrumentally in some 4/4 chords.

There’s no fancy guitar work – just pounding chords and drums. So why release this? I think it has to do with the lyrics, which I can’t understand too well. If you pay close attention you can figure them, but I doubt they’re pleasant. My best guess is that the evil guy wants to skin and roast the innocent girl. There are some bad words: “whore” early on, “shit” near the end.

The 4-minute 2nd track, “the Black Hat” is more straight ahead common time rock. A “bitch” is let out about 10 seconds before the pieces fades out — just fade early if you’re afraid of the b-word.

*Fucked Up plays the Hemlock Tavern on July 4th*

-Cujo, KFJC, June 2007

you heard it 10 times on kfjc! most recently:
schirach says

if someone cares, here's the background to Year of the Pig: http://lookingforgold.blogspot.com/2007/06/pig-public-statement_13.html
The lyrics can be found here: http://lookingforgold.blogspot.com/search?q=year+of+the+pig , even if you have to scroll a little. And oh, the Black Hats: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_hats , here you go.
And by the way, thanks for the music theory (no irony intended)!


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