Matmos – “Ultimate Care II” – [Thrill Jockey]

Kai Sync   2/17/2016   A Library, CD


The washing machine fills with water and thus starts the 38 minute long track with the only sound source being a Whirlpool Ultimate Care II model washing machine — however the sounds are deconstructed and manipulated with pitch shifting and other computer audio tools into techno beats, ambient soundscapes and much more. Matmos is Dan Deacon, Jason Willet and members of Horse Lords were also involved in this experimentalist album. Soundscapes of gurgling water, beating wet clothes, accelerating electric machines — you will experience this sonic journey of a track differently each time you play it, free jazz, marimba-like sequences, drone, Eno-like ambience, organic squeals, hypnotic ambient techno, electronic beeps. This album is a moire pattern of sound possibilities using a single household device. The album ends with the final fast spin cycle. Highly recommended.


mike hansen says

try playing it backwards


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