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Crows of The World [coll] – [Last Visible Dog Records]

cinder   5/24/2007   A Library, CD

Often thought of as a warning sign of death, the Crow
has a dark and powerful effect on humans. It ranks
highest in the ladder of bird intelligence, and can
hear frequencies lower that the human ear. Field
reports and museum studies from 11 different artists,
focusing on the family corvidae. Although no sounds
of the birds are included (damn!), you can close your
eyes and imagine soaring through the forest trees,
caa-ing your brains out on power lines, eating your
neighbours trash and having one of the most
recognizable and beautiful bird shapes in history.
Lots of found sounds, droning, strummed out guitars,
synths and daydreaming to be found with this release.
Beautiful stuff.


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