Sleeping Cell, The – “s/t” – [Suoni Liberi]

Kai Sync   2/10/2016   A Library, CD


The Sleeping Cell is an Italian duo that seems currently to be back in sleep mode. This is their only CD from 2011. The singer Zaionair was the frontgirl for the electro project Minimod and for the Dub-System Almamegretta. Misterection aka Mario Grimaldi worked with Italian underground projects like Valderrama 5, Supervixens and Nista. Their music has traces of Prodigy, Nine Inch Nails, Lady Gaga and occasionally tiny bits of soundscape, lo-fi synths and blip explorations. This kind of anger/fashion synth-pop walks a thin line between cheese and intrigue — but here the lack of originality made the listening experience less rewarding. But good as a sudden ‘sugar fix.’


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