3 Moons – “Astronomy of Dreams” – [Moon Glyph]

Arcanum   1/27/2016   12-inch, A Library

Droning psychedelics, humming electronics, slow paced plucked guitars and male / female vocals being sung in haunting unison.slow moving free form jams that build with cosmic intensity. An opportunity to stare upwards at southern oscillating storm systems.In Mars in Phrygian and Mercury in Hypophrygian, ancient Greek musical modes are deployed to invoke useful aspects of these planetary forces, based upon an arcane system of inter-disciplinary correspondences.Phrygian and Hypophrygian correspond to the element fire (warm, dry) and control the Choleric humor. It is opposed to Phlegm, and therefore its characteristics are boldness, exuberance, and passion; it is associated with the ego and will. When well tempered it leads to courage, a quick wit, and leadership, but in excess it produces pride, rashness, irritability, and a hot-tempered, violent personality. Phrygian invokes the power of Mars, which is warm and dry, whereas Hypophrygian invokes the power of Mercury, which is neutral, and reinforces both good and bad characteristics ). H.A.A.R.P. was originally written for a crypto-environmental Vaudevillian paranoid comedy play / folkloric public service announcement put on by a group of radical mutants in Minneapolis. This Old Christ was brought on by a weird encounter with Lee Scratch Perry in LA. Smoke from the Well takes us into make damaged American ghost conjuring while Nazi Zuni Lulu Annunaki might trigger the recovery of lost memories of UFO rides and close encounters. This album is a psychic core sample of a dream planet in some alter-dimensional cosmos here to augment our perspective in this dubious reality.


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