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Siked Psych : Not Not Fun Gold [coll] – [Not not Fun]

Thurston Hunger   4/27/2007   A Library, CD

A lot o’ twister being played here. From the more explosive psych to
a couple noisier boys and ending with some femmes and the importance of
singing earnest. Wild and Wilde (Oscar gets namechecked on of these.)
Like a good grab bag, not sure what you’ll get, but glad once you do.

My Little Red Toe: Drums on a tightrope, willowy female vox.
The Wolf Tracks: Unprepared guitar…and musical toy parade
Raccoo-oo-oon: Gamelan gumdrop, flakey guitar, summoning vox, rockshot.
Yuma Nora: Beepy beginnings lead to languid lastings then sprawl
Haunted Castle: Someone’s in the Krankencabinent with Dinah??
Impregnable: Severe mood damage and tire swings
D Yellow Swans: Hover mutter drone an-ti-ci-pay-back?
Bobby Birdman: A Conn job? With guitars from a 70’s hair salon.
Avant R&B? A nicely weird smoothness!! Hard to peg.
Quem Quaeritis: Rune Gram-mofo’s on the hip hop tip? Add scorch sax!
Silver Daggers: Lo-fi, lonely-fi clarinet cries itself to postrock?
Abe Vigoda: Put your angst into a squelchy box, soak in Truman’s Water
Herr K: I’m thinking of Polvo, is that okay?
Goliath Bird Eater: Star Trek Transporter…Energize. Burstiness!
Foot Village: March with no return. Throaty vocal tantrum attitude.
Mika Miko: No-wave, yes-sax.
Child Pornography: Slippery machine gun rock with girl grieking.
BARR: Spalding Grey lives dyed blond. *LANGUAGE**
Hello Astonaut, Goodbye Television: Nasal NASA pop? Squeaky bridge…
Foot Foot: Campfire songs in the TV room?
The Golden Hours: Bedroom casio afghan blanket fortress theme song.
Belly Boat: Girl wants to be a crow/cat over piano/accordian. She
splits into three and harmonizes along with herself.

-Thurston Hunger

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