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Bussotti, Sylvano – “Brutto, Ignudo” – [Amirani Records/Amirani Contemporary]

Naysayer   12/9/2015   A Library, CD

Sylvano Bussotti is an Italian artist of renaissance proportions whose work includes music composition, dance, theater, poetry, stage production, novels, etc. Audacious, outspoken, always challenging the audience, Bussotti was embraced (or not) for his outrageous style as witnessed in his personal music notation, which look like art pieces by themselves. This cd, “Brutto, Ignudo” is a collection of some of his key pieces, interspersed with Bussotti discussing or describing the piece and incidents around it. Alternating between clarinet piece and piono piece, the sounds are so distinctly mid to late 20th century. You can hear the sound of experimentation and the thrill of it. Bussotti’s musical notations were anything but traditional. Sometimes in shapes, removing the staff, these are pieces meant for interpretation by the performer. The clarinet bounces up and down, sounds coming out high and low, played for long periods or quick bursts and everything in between. The piano pieces are gorgeous explorations of the whole keyboard, with an interesting play on time: moments of silence exist, sometimes longer than usual, but then returning to bursts of sound. This is an excellent high brow addition to our collection.


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