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Suishou No Fune – “Where the Spirits Are ” – [Holy Mountain]

Thurston Hunger   4/15/2007   A Library, CD

Hallowed and harrowing Japanese psych sprawl. This release features a
sort of secret drum death…the lead-off track is a Mainlining masher
with prominent pummelling by Tail, bombast is the favorite flavor on
this one. Vocals are culled out from the center of the chaos…long
extended wails, shamanic. On the second piece, drummer Tail finds peace
gently keeping the kit to a heavy reverbed series of drifting chords,
again voices wail, doppler drops in a well of soul sorrow. The piece
picks up fury, but never pace…his and her guitarists fuel the fire
with their pyrotendencies. We move to track three and Kageo (his)
and Pirako Kurenai (her) have worked their Tail off. The drums are
gone and so now it is really a different album (from a different live
date). Like a less rainy, more molten Loren Mazzacane hurricane. Track
#3 is a sort of descent into darkness. Throughout this release, the
vocals, offered by both guitarists, are haunting *and* haunted. As if
the demons are trying to break out of the singer, and into you. And
remember demons love reverb! While the songs spend most of their time
in the twin torrents of guitar and vocal exortation, the actual
melodies that they are launched from have a billowing beauty. Check
#5 and #2. Track #4’s underlying vibe is like a slow breathing flamenco.
Those sections of melody are like the smooth, less wind-whipped side of
a mountain, but in general Suishou no Fune prefer scaling the more
ragged, adventurous side of that same mountain.

-Thurston Hunger

Band name translates as “Holy Bridge” or so I read…

you heard it 27 times on kfjc! most recently:
Thurston Hunger says

Actually I heard it from on high, i.e. the wizard atop Holy Mountain himself,
that the translation of the band name is actually "Crystal Ship". Guess my
Mojo wasn't risin' properly before...


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