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English School of Funerary Violin, The [coll] – [Guild of Funerary Violinists]

Thurston Hunger   3/30/2007   A Library, CD

Tales from the cryptic crypt. Can something be a hoax, if there is more
truth in it than anything else? Does not death define life? A violinist
is ostensibly the most important member at a funeral. He stoicly serves
as graveside guide for those left behind to grieve; for those pushed
down (or is up or just away?) can the violinist somehow stir the soul
via the dormant ear with vibrations of bow and string…a few neurons
flash in an otherwise dead brain : “I remember it now……I was alive”
Even for us, the quick, upon hearing these grim crackly recordings from
composers, song so long gone they may have never existed…even now, we
hear the sweet bile of these funerary violins and think those same
thoughts. Remember…remember it now…listen hard to this, and you
can hear your own death. As you bow, so shall you weap.

-Thurston Hunger

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