Los Llamarada – “Exploding Now, The ” – [S-S Records]

Thurston Hunger   3/22/2007   12-inch, A Library

Rant and roll from Mexico! That giant sucking sound ain’t NAFTA, it’s
the charged-up amplifiers creating a vacuum pushing this dense and driven
music out. The various flavors of lo-fi are on display here, from the
recorded-in-the-stomach-of-a-giant-that-ate-the-band-fi on “The Discovery”
to the mind-if-we-practice-in-your-mortuary-fi on “Je Sois.” Vocals
are often handled by “Estrella” and she is indeed a star rising, from
cooing to cuckoo to caterwauling. Sagan is mas macho, anguished vocals
when he’s at the microphone helm…swimming upstream against a torrent
of sound. He also brings gamma ray keyboards to a number of tracks!
The drummer, Danyhell, has issues…let’s hope he never works them
out…and instead continues to pursue fist therapy. Finally Johnny Noise
completes the squad with gooey, chewing guitar. The din of Los Llamarada
put a grin on this gringo. White vinyl never sounded so dirty.

-El Hombre del Hambre


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