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Authentic Indian Dances and Folklore [coll] – [Kimbo Records]

humana   9/11/2015   12-inch, International


We have Carole Howard (Princess Wa-Be-No-Que of the Chippewa tribe) to thank for this uniquely enriching album that details the folklore behind and the steps to four dances of great importance to the Chippewa Native Americans. Chief “Little Elk” (AKA Eli Thomas) explains to an interviewer what the significance of these dances is to his people, who hail from an area of Michigan near Mt. Pleasant. Chief “Coming of Thunder” joins Chief Little Elk in the chants and authentic drumming of the Corn Dance, the Rain Dance, the War Dance, and the Strawberry Dance. A written instruction booklet is included, but I recommend listening to each dance all the way through to get the full experience of it. This is one of those rare treasures that you hope will never get lost.


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