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Thomas Carnacki, Quattro, Jesse, Burson, Jesse, Brumit, Jon – “Far Voyage From a Placid Island” – [Alethiometer]

mouthbreather   8/26/2015   A Library, CD

Thomas Carnacki is a group of artists who collaborate under said name, and these other names may in fact be those offenders. Ambient sounds float, walk, slurp, boop, warble, click, splash, loop, skip, through an apocalyptic mental soundscape. Long tracks that ebb and flow, but are mostly nightmare fuel.
Singing at the end of track 1: Merle Haggard’s ‘He Walks with me (In the Garden).’
Oneiromantic Ambiguity Collective song used on track 4.
Hidden track of group singing ‘Swing Low.’


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