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Allen, Cory – “Source, The” – [Punctum Records]

Thurston Hunger   8/15/2015   A Library, CD

While I’m not a fan of the CMJ divisions of music, it
might be nice to see this release chart in their rock,
jazz, country and even “world” bin$. Cory has concocted
a supremely stimulating series of drone driven pieces,
at times the bass walks just enough, and the drums
kick in just right to feel like a jazz composition
(which I think is where KFJC’s MD found this release
filed in Amoeba), but the violin can at times hit
ye olde tyme sorry strings, and the rattling of other
lutes/kotos/sitars has a porch-i-fied hi-fi vibe
that might feel like Pelt, if not Mark O’Connor
going for an avant Ashokan Farewell. And yeah amidst
the sympathetic strings gently weeping, the resonating
hints at middle east mysticism. Despite track 3’s
title, this is way less “Neon” and way more “Mandala.”
Angelic disembodied voices float in on the “Crown
Canal” (does this double as a doolah’s birthing tape?).
It’s just a beautiful release from start to finish.
Cory’s from Austin, TX (so let’s keep that state in
the union, no matter what they say), and he was either
a Healer or a Seeker on last year’s excellent release
with Duane Pitre. On this solo one, he’s clearly *both*
Don’t miss…
-Thurston Hunger


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