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Lerman, Richard – “Music of Richard Lerman ” – [Em Records]

sailordave   3/8/2007   A Library, CD

The first listen made me think HOW do I interpret this? I mean I hadn’t listened to this before? So I give it a listen. WOW. WHAT A RUSH. This is almost 2 hours of Manic music created by a local genius.
Richard Lerman(1944) is a San Francisco native who began working with electronic music in 1963, at age 19. He has taught at Universitys all over America. He has used sounds of bicycles and common everyday items combined with state of the art ( for what ever era) electronic equiptment to create some outstanding sounds.
This is a 2 cd set. Music done from 1964-1987.
Travelon Gamelon? A gamelon orchestra is a large group of precussive instruments usually metalic from South East Asia. The name is a play on words. This is a auditory soundscape that is very spacious and cosmic.
This is a BIG departure from music I have listen to BUT I have really enjoyed it the more I listen. The pieces were created for Music festivals and debuted at those various festivals. Most of the tracks are long but there is one 2 minute track and a couple of 5-6 minute tracks on CD1. These panoramic sounds are flowing moving pieces.The piano, flute and metallic sounds create both music and a sound FX that is amazing. On CD2 track 2 Sections for Screen, performers and Audience is a 9 minute journey from music to FX and back again. It has a classical hint to it yet has a jazz feel as well. END of the LINE some recent dealings with DEATH has an ambient sound almost operatic voice combonation that was worth listening to again and again. A 14 plus minute journey that sounds AWESOME insurround sound. It is very much like classical in there are 2-3 second gaps in the piece that are segues into another tip. Perfect for potting down but let this one roll out. It is incredible.
I can hear this on MANY KFJC shows. Cheech, Goodwrench. Cinderaura, Outlier..
This 2 cd set was dedicated to every one who rides bicycles.
This is a cosmic auditory trip into hallucinations and fascinations. I highly recommend this. Either for awesome sound FX on a show or as stand alone pieces played alone.

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