Sore Eros – “Say People” – [Feeding Tube Records]

Thurston Hunger   7/22/2015   12-inch, A Library

The cassette revolution kicks it up a notch with this VHS release (well we have the 12???, but the video is floating around KFJC, thanks to the Tube!). Great embedded pop, caught in a psych amber of living room friend folk. Some songs shine through like the sun (which often warms the lyrics). The guitars billow in a gentle cloud, and tape play shifts the pitch (it started out sounding a little sped up, but then downshifts at a point). This is committed lo-fi from Robert Robinson and his Massa-chosen friends???. The video collage was created by Dan Cashman, here???s a little trailer to it???
a lot of 80???s input, commercials and cats???. The music is similarly fuzzy, if not downright furry. Like an uncut series of gems, the lack of polish is the focus. –

-Thurston Hunger


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